Is Sandals In St Lucia Worth It?

If you want to compare Sandals resorts in St. Lucia for snorkeling and water sports, for us the winner is undoubtedly the Grande St Lucian again.

Is Sandals In St Lucia Worth It?

If you want to compare Sandals resorts in St. Lucia for snorkeling and water sports, for us the winner is undoubtedly the Grande St Lucian again. St. Lucia is a magical island that captivates your mind, body and soul. Here, towering mountains and fern-filled jungles create a complete sense of relaxation.

Lucia, are based on that feeling and have created a resort that will provide you with the best vacation experience. Lucia offers panoramic bay views and exclusivity; best of all, it's on one of the best beaches in the Caribbean and feels more like a secluded island retreat. It offers an endless supply of restaurants, recreation and services, along with some of the BEST dives you can take anywhere in the Caribbean. And with free shuttle service between Sandals, there are up to 27 restaurants and numerous beach options available between the three Sandals resorts in St.

This is a recurring theme and a testament to Sandals as a whole, but it's the people who work at Sandals Grande St. Lucia who make this an exceptional destination. Lucian is located on a peninsula with Rodney Bay on one side and the Atlantic on the other. Clear days offer a glimpse of neighboring Martinique from this resort.

If you like water sports, this resort is perfect, offering water skiing, paddle boarding, diving and snorkeling, to name a few options. Non-motorized AND motorized water sports are included in your Sandals Resorts vacation package. If you're a beach lover and love beach activities, then this is the resort where you really want to be because of the calm waters of Rodney Bay and the resort's mile long stretch of beach. Lucian is our pick for the best sandals in St.

Lucia for beach lovers, destination weddings and honeymoons. Due to the location of this resort in the Caribbean Sea, the water can get rough at times and water sports can have a red flag. However, don't worry, you'll just move to Sandals Grande St. Lucian and enjoy Rodney Bay protected and quiet on those days.

Due to this resort's location on the Caribbean Sea, the water can get rough and water sports can have a red flag. If that happens, guests will move to Sandals Grande St. Lucian for water sports in protected Rodney Bay. There's a lot to do and see in Saint Lucia, and thankfully for guests staying at Sandals Grande St.

You can also enjoy some snorkeling at one of the best diving spots in Saint Lucia, drinks and a buffet lunch. A key component of Sandals, the St. Lucia resorts offer the option of staying in one, playing three. This is one of our favorite things about Sandals resorts, as we like to walk around the island, visit other places, and really enjoy the all-inclusive experience.

And the good news is that no matter where you choose to stay, all Sandals hotels in Saint Lucia participate in the “stay-at-1 play-at-3” offer, where you can visit the other Sandals properties on the island and enjoy their facilities. If you are looking for a new Sandals Resort St Lucia, the bungalows are the newest rooms at Sandals Grande St Lucia and have a modern, contemporary feel. If you're still not sure which Sandals St Lucia is best for you, maybe taking reviews into account will make your choice easier. S

If you are a pool lover rather than a swimmer in the ocean, then any of the options at Sandals Beach Resort St Lucia will make you happy, but none more than Sandals resort St Lucia La Toc. As you will see on the map of Sandals resorts in Saint Lucia below, the 3 properties of Sandals Resort St Lucia are located in the north of the island, in Castries and Gros-Islet, making it easy to move from one property to another if you want to enjoy more than one of them. Sandals Grande Resort St Lucia is hard to beat when it comes to dining and dining: there are no fewer than 12 fine dining restaurants included in the hotel, all included in your included luxury package, making it one of the best all-inclusive resorts in St. Lucia you're likely to find.

It has some of the quietest waters in Saint Lucia and a sandy beach perfect as a postcard with a snorkel on the coast. Secluded from the rest of the resort, in the hidden village, you may feel like you are in a true garden of Eden: this best resort in Saint Lucia is known for its beautiful gardens and lush tropical environment. Regardless of which Sandals Resort in St. Lucia you choose to stay at, you're free to relax and enjoy the best of all Sandals Resorts in St. Lucia.

Sandals La Toc has 3 different freshwater pools that are accessible to all resort guests, called The Pavilion, Le Piton and Sunset Bluff, 2 of which have pool bars and all with ocean views. Saint Lucia is famous for its impressive volcanic coastline with spectacular rocks, including the much-photographed Pitons, but it is also home to stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear, welcoming waters. Saint Lucia has many of the best luxury resorts in the Caribbean (and even the world) and when it comes to finding the best resort in St.

you won't be disappointed with the Sandals resorts that Saint Lucia has to offer. . .

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